The Certification program teaches how to utilize a variety of Sound Healing techniques for your own practice as a Sound Healer. With a certificate from The Sage Academy of Sound, students should be better equipped to serve as practitioners, specialists, volunteers, interns, or even as members of a multidisciplinary treatment team within a health center or a community agency, as well as in a private healing or counseling practice. We believe that the only way to truly absorb the teachings is by total immersion and abundant practice time. The retreat style setting limits outside distraction and enhances the deep focus needed for personal healing to occur, which in turn clears the way for the teachings to be experienced and deeply retained.

This year our SoundHealing Certification Training Program will be spread over 3 weekend intensives and 2 separate days of training with pioneers in the field of SoundHealing. The goal of the academy is to touch on the many levels of SoundHealing from the different perspectives of ancient to modern.  We will explore the physical, emotional and spiritual links to Sound Healing. SAGE ACADEMY OF SOUND will bring each student to a high level of understanding and a knowledge of the practical applications of the Healing Sound. 

The studies when completed, will end with a certificate of completion to be awarded each participant.   

**Please note any weekend may be attended a la carte**

MAY through OCTOBER 2019

The 2019 SoundHealingTraining for Certification from Sage Academy will be facilitated by Lea Garnier with special guest teachers DrJohn Beaulieu, Rebecca Singer and Michael Jay.

The weekends will all take place at the Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, NY.  Located in the Catskill Mountains, it is the most beautiful center in the area for healing, learning and communing with nature.  The food is delicious organic vegetarian, and the accommodations clean, comfortable and beautiful. 



     As director of Sage, Lea Garnier brings over 30 years of healing expertise in the healing arts field of sacred sound, sacred art, yoga and Craniosacral therapy.  A certified yoga instructor, she specializes in teaching the integration of SoundHealing and Sound Awareness (nada) in a yoga class setting.  She has trained extensively in the ancient ways of sacred healing sound with curanderos and curanderas from the Amazon and Sacred Valley of Peru.  She has integrated their knowledge of ancient healing energies with the new scientific and contemporary studies from master teachers and mentors such as Dr. John Beaulieu, Don Conreaux, Diane Mandle, Tito LaRosa, and many other pioneers she has studied with in the field of SoundHealing in the past 10 years. 
      In 2010,  Lea co-founded the first East coast Annual SoundHealing Intensive at Menla, NY.  By creating a forum for pioneers of SoundHealing to share their knowledge, a platform was launched for in depth studies that has greatly contributed to todays expansive and ever growing field of sound practitioners world wide.  She now offers 6 SoundHealing training/retreat intensives a year in America with expanded offerings in Europe facilitated by co-founder Philippe Garnier.

Dr. John Beaulieu is a senior teacher at Sage Academy, and is the creator of the Biosonic Therapeutic Tuning Forks.  He is a composer, mental health counselor, and board certified Naturopathic Physician.  Dr. Beaulieu is an expert on stress science, and oversees molecular research on the healing effects of sound and music.  He is a professor of Integrative Health at CIIS University where he teaches sound healing methods to graduate students.  He is author of numerous CD"s and books on music and sound, such as Music and Sound in the Healing Arts and Human Tuning.  He is truly one of the top 2 pioneers of sound in this country, with an esteemed career spanning decades. 

Rebecca Singer’s work of 25 years as a shamanic energy healer led her to live in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica and to Mongolia to be with The Reindeer People. She received the “Singing Into Bone” Ceremony as a result of her time with Shaman Saintsegset in Mongolia.  This experience led her to embark on an extended trip to the northern mountains of Mongolia where she met and stayed with the Reindeer People, a vanishing native people who still manifest the very roots of Siberian Shamanism in their cultural beliefs and practices.  Rebecca is a shamanic healer, working with the power of the drum and her voice, she is teacher, writer, artist, mother, and world traveler who has done healing work internationally. She is the owner of  Shaman’s Eye, offering sessions, readings, apprenticeships, ceremonies and workshops. 

Michael Jay is one of the first US students of Grand GongMaster Don Conreaux.  He is a primary member of Don’s Mysterious Tremendum performance group, and continues to study and assist him with gong trainings regularly while Don is in the US.  He is a senior student and facilitator of Sage Academy of sound Energy retreats and trainings, and is also periodically involved with the Open Center as a facilitator in their Sound and Music Institute Program.  He is well versed in the use of tuning forks in the Acutonics and Bionics systems, and works as a health coach, utilizing these systems as well as the shiatsu techniques of Shashi, and other healing modalities including Eft and Reiki.  Committed to using sound for its immense  healing power, Michael is the catalyst for the multifaceted sound based collective SVAHA and is the Director of Therapeutic Sound at You Can Thrive — a vibrant community for women in and out of treatment for breast cancer. 


  • The Fundamental Principles of Sound and Healing

  • The Practical Application of SoundHealing with the Tuning Forks

  • Himalayan Sitting and Standing Gongs: bells, bowls & gongs

  • Crystal Core Consciousness, a new awareness of our crystalline vibrating selves with the Singing Crystal

  • The Yoga Of Sound ~ Teachings on Nada Yoga & sound awareness

  • Astrology, Sent & Sound

  • Vowel sounds, Harmonic Overtone Singing, Shruti box, and call and response chanting for well being

  • Indigenous sound tools and how to use them for healing

  • Sound tools used in a SoundHealing private session as well as Sound Bath concert

  • Substantial amount of time is devoted for hands on practice in all areas











Sound Awareness & Inner Sound Wisdom:
We experience the world as we do because of our physiological architecture.  We interpret the waves and vibrations that constitute ‘reality’ as a world of shapes sounds and colors, only because of the way we are formed.  We are going to go behind what we are accustomed to, and learn how to listen into the subtle sound to develop and open our 3rd ear.
 Overview of the basic structures of sound as an energy wave.
• How sound effects our emotions, our mental brain waves, our physical cellular body and our spiritual gateway to the Source.
• The world as a vibrational reality:  sound is around us (inside and outside), studies of acoustic shadow as well as the awareness of the symphony of life, nature and the universe helping us understand our true human nature when aligned to All That is.
• Astrology, Sent and Sound-The Sound of the spheres (God’s Crickets / primordial sound / sent as vibration)

Fundamental Principle of SoundHealing:
History of SoundHealing through the ages taught by the leaders of the field: 
The Mythology and Science of SoundHealing.
• Cymatics 
• Colors and Light,
• Alchemy & Sound
• Sound and Intention

Our Sonic Body:
 Meridian, Chakras, and the energy flow of our heteric and cellular body.
• Sacred Geometry, Human Proportions and Musical Ratios.
• Electromagnetic field of the heart-mind.
• Subtle Bodies

The Structure of a SoundHealing Treatment
• Grounding / Breathing / Listening (scanning)/ Harmonics. 
• The Role of Intention in Sound Healing 
• The Power of Silence in Sound Healing 
• Using Affirmations in a Sound Healing Treatment
• Contra-indications 
• How to Treat People who are in Great Pain 

The 7 basic principles of SoundHealing:
• Principle of Resonance, Entrainment, Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Pitch, Timbre

Principles of SoundHealing:
• The Healing Power of Musical Intervals
• The natural flow of sound energy

Acoustic instruments used for SoundHealing & Sonotherapy

- Presentation of the different type of tuning forks and their best use
- Everybody will have a hands on opportunity to practice a tuning fork protocol
- Finding the best way to easily integrate the tuning forks into your life and professional practice enhances therapeutic outcome.
- A clinical session based on how to use the tuning forks in a private session
A clinical session based on how to use the tuning forks in a Sound Bath

- The Sound Of Shunyata
- The multidimensional tones of the sitting gongs
- Setting the Bhakti Rules of Divination
Studies on the Disappearing Sound
- A clinical session based on how to use the Bowls in a Private Session
- A clinical session based on how to use the Bowls in a Sound Bath

- Sacred Tone Improvisation of Don Conreaux
- Connecting to the lineage of all Gong Masters
- Gong Strokes
- Shruti box and Shruti songs and overtones
- A clinical session based on how to use the Gongs in a Private Session
- A clinical session based on how to use the Gongs in a Sound Bath

History and discovery, The Yoga of the Crystal Singing Bowls
- Practical application of Crystal Sound Healing, how to Sound a Bowl properly
The frequency of Sacred Cristalline Space
Crystal Bowl  Communication via sound meditation and singing into crystal
- A clinical session based on how to use the Crystal in a Private Session
- A clinical session based on how to use the Crystal in a Sound Bath

Shamanic Sound Healing/Sound Studies:
- The science behind Shamanistic Sound Frequencies
Peruvian Whistling Vessels ceremonies
Journeying w/sacred sound

The goal of the school is to touch on the many levels of SoundHealing from different perspectives, modern and ancient; we will explore the physical, emotional and spiritual links to Sound Healing.

The ACADEMY OF SOUND ENERGY will bring each student to a high level of understanding and a knowledge of the practical applications of the Healing Sound. 

The year studies will be completed with a certificate of completion awarded to each participant.

* 2019 Annual Sound Healing Training & Certification Registration Is Open 
For registration questions please call:
845-679-5650 ~ email Lea at:



Are the "additional training" events part of the required curriculum?   They are not.  They are offered because I am doing those retreats anyway, and it is just a great opportunity to study with a pioneer/master for a day. 

What are the costs involved?  Costs are determined by accommodation types.  And, there are also payment plans available.  

Could one potentially complete one of these training weekends for future credit toward certification?  It actually works the other way around.  You can pay for the whole training, and if you have to miss a weekend or additional day, you can make it up in the following year only.

Last, are these dates going to be the same in 2020? Or do you switch them around?  I am trying to keep them the same for 2020.  I will put your name on a list for 2020 and send you an email when I know them.