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  • Sage Academy of Sound/Woodstock Yoga 6 Deming Street Woodstock, NY, 12498 United States (map)

“No one can resist the power of a gong played well” Baba Don Conreaux

A tone of fullness, when suspended in acoustic space, feeds back upon itself. This looping of sound volume is called nesting, and it finds its center of balance in 4th dimensional space, in a non-dimension of No Time. Any sound that is "fattened," made fuller and suspended in time, takes on a more holistic quality of resonance, continuously spilling more of itself into the acoustic volume of space until it attains its fullness potential. Bathing in this space, the overtones of the gongs feed us until we reach a state of Holistic Resonance. We can sense the feeling of our own body transform into a feeling of no body as we surrender to the gongs and allow them to do their work. There is a paranormal sense of levitation, timelessness and bliss that can be experienced, along with a consciousness of detachment, compassion and peace.

$20 exchange. Register: or 845 679 5650