My Journey Through Sound

One year ago, the direction of my life changed completely. I was working a new seasonal job at Menla in Phoenicia, NY, after moving here from Colorado. My plan was to work the job in the garden for 6 months, visit my family in Rochester as much as possible, then move back home. One weekend in June I saw that there was going to be a sound school doing a training retreat at Menla, and that they were doing sound baths in the evening that the public could attend. Of course, this was Sage Academy of Sound, Center for the Healing Arts. Little did I know that connecting with these people and sound vibrations would change my life. 

I decided to sit in a sound bath to check it out because it sounded cool, and I had heard some Himalayan and crystal bowls before- plus there were gongs which I was pretty excited about. I  thought it would be a nice chance to practice meditation, and just relax. I was moved so deeply by my experience that I had to come back the second night. When I heard Lea sing, I had visions, and from the sounds of the instruments, energy and emotions were moved through me in a way I never would have expected. I cried, and let go. Woah. I talked with Lea after the second night and told her I wanted to learn from her. We exchanged some emails, and I started to volunteer at Sage and next thing I know…it’s year later, and I’m still here!

Never underestimate the power of sound. For me it has helped me connect with music again in a completely new way. I come from a classical piano background, where I was performing and competing when I was young. I had to walk away from it because of the anxiety and pressure I felt from performing/playing for others, I entered into the sound healing world naively, which was probably a good thing. I was inspired and motivated to learn and play these sounds for myself for my own healing and reconnection, at the same time to eventually be able to provide the same for others. Sound healing has the potential to heal everyone involved. 

I’ve been able to wade through uncomfortable moments of self doubt, self consciousness, anxiety and fear. It’s a work in progress, but all of life is, isn’t it? Working with sound has this profound way of bringing up things within yourself that need to be looked at and addressed. This goes for both the practitioner and receiver. We just finished the Menla Sound Healing Intensive retreat and I am blown away by how powerful the medicine of sound really is. It brings people together, resulting in new bonds, love, shared experiences, support, inspiration and wonder. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities and beautiful people that have come into my life through the vibration of sound. The potential for healing is infinite and ongoing, and I’m excited to see where it carries us all.