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Sound ceremonies at Sage are created to channel a very high spiritual energy, so that we can bring forth healing for our participants. Based on cosmic influences and loving intention, we will focus on maturing and balancing our minds and hearts so that our inner masculine and inner feminine can come forward to hold space for ourselves and for each other as we experience massive changes in consciousness. Ceremonies are needed to help heal humanity from the separation from All That Is, which is becoming more and more prevalent in our world. Using sacred sound tools, sacred song and cleansing limpias, our ceremonies help us find our way back to Oneness with an open heart that does not shut down in the midst of turmoil.

François Demange is a well-known and highly regarded practitioner in the field of Amazonian plant spirit medicine and Native American Traditions. As a Reiki Master and healer he helps people connect to Spirit and the invisible power of Nature. His journey began in 1996 in the Peruvian Amazon after having searched many years for a connection with nature and its invisible reality. He was introduced to plant medicine in Takiwasi Center in Tarapoto, Peru and then followed different indigenous traditions from the Amazon, the Andes, and the Native American plains, which inform his practice today. In 2002 after having worked for local development agencies supporting local communities, he joined his field experiences with the academic world by earning a Master’s Degree in Social Science at the University of East London.

Today he dedicates himself in bridging these shamanic traditions to modern contemporary culture – creating a distinctive approach to self and collective awakening.

$20 exchange. Register:  or 845 679 5650