What can I say? words aren't enough, only SOUND will do.  It was the most wonderful four days that I have ever experienced.  Before Menla I was already being pulled by you both towards Sound healing, but now Sound has become the yoga of my perception towards the outer world and this is a most wonderful and powerful realization.  The whole program was beautifully organized, and all the varied workshops were so complimentary and, of course, the location speaks for itself.  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. 

Love and Harmonic Blessings,  

Rowena, Westchester, NY

Thank you, Lea and Philippe for your words of integration and completion.  It was very meaningful for me to spend this summer solstice immersed in sound with all of you, on such sacred land.  As I mentioned at the beginning of the retreat, this Intensive felt like the conclusion of a year-long intensive study of Sound, for me.  Just 2 weeks before, I received my Sound & Music Practitioner Certification at the Open Center in NYC.  Again, thank you to everyone for creating such a ripe space for learning, growth, and change.  

Much love,

Lev Natan

Vibrating at a different level indeed!!! What a wonderful time OMG!!!!  Thank you both so much for everything you are and do!!  Thanks again. 

Love and hugs, 


Thank you for all your divine work so we could enjoy and learn in a beautiful earth space.  I came, in pain and left as a different shimmering being, happy, full of knowledge and experience. WOW what 4 days can do in your life.    Thank you a thousand times. I know it was lots of work for you and it moved me immensely being with our teachers and each other.  Such beautiful respect between all there!  Real magic on all levels.  

Sweet regards, 


Thank you SO much for the amazing experience at Menla last week. Was so perfectly in synch with my exploration of sound healing and my life journey, I feel very grateful for both of you and for the incredible light and beauty that you both bring to me and to our community. 

Chaim Tolwin, New York

Thank you thank you thank you for creating such a wonderful retreat.  The 4 days were magical and just amazing.  My heart is full.   John Beaulieu is fantastic and has unique and profound gifts to offer.  He is a wonderful presenter.  Please bring him back.  

Many blessings, 


Coming to retreat felt as a spiritual family reunion. Finding so much love, wisdom, knowledge and care felt overwhelming at times. Sound is our channel of connection, our unspoken language, our mean of communication. You're all wonderful and I love you all.  Lea and Philippe, thank you for making this magical event possible.  

Borisha, Canada

I want to thank you both for being the host & teachers of the sound healing retreat. You did a wonderful job chose the right Teachings and allowed us all to have such a powerful healing experience.  I would like to express my own very special thanks and appreciation to all the Teachers who participated. I love them all. Please convey my sentiments to them. The retreat for me was one I could not have missed and I was so happy to be there. In the bowl (crater) we came and entered the Sound!   

Love and Blessings, 

Harry, Trinidad

First I want to say what an AMAZING time I had at Menla - I feel transformed even after just that one day.  So powerful.  You and Phillippe are fabulous teachers!  What a blessing to be this vortex of healing. 

Diana Cohen, New York